Toddler Oxy Tooth Brush

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Variants: Toddler Oxy Tooth Brush Regular Strength

Start using our Toddler Oxy Tooth Brush on your kids 2-4 years old instead of over-the-counter toothpaste that contains chemicals!

Our Toddler Oxy Tooth Brush is formulated with 1% food-grade H2O2 that will make their teeth shine while repelling all the nasty stuff that destroys the teeth.

If your kids have known tooth sensitivity or any discomfort prior to using our product, please start with our reduced strength. It only contains 0.5% food-grade H2O2, Instead of the full strength at 1%. Please monitor closely.

Start using this as a preventive way to make sure that their teeth, mouth, and gums are in tip-top condition! Happy teeth, happy smiles!

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