Bamboo (Sonicare Electric) Toothbrush

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Keep your teeth and the planet clean with this stylish and eco-friendly sonic wave bamboo toothbrush! Created with powerful technology and soft/medium charcoal infused bristles, it will give your teeth and the planet the love and care they deserve. Now that's a reason to smile! Color: Bamboo brush and base, with white, teal and black charcoal infused bristles Key properties: Sustainable, Decomposable, Essential Oil/Fragrance-free, plastic-free packaging, BPA-free, Bamboo. How to use: It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes! There are 5 settings that can be used by simply pressing the button to your desired setting for a few seconds, adjusting the brushing vibration & intensity. Make sure to regularly wash your toothbrush head by taking it off the handle and giving it a good wipe down until the next use. Box Includes: Electric toothbrush handle 3 bamboo toothbrush heads Charging base USB Charger Main Features: 1 month battery life
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